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A Little More About Jessica Anastasia

As a composer, Jessica Anastasia has composed around 170 original compositions, scored five short films, ("Minah" 2019, “Life Cycle” 2018, “A Man Full Of Trouble” 2017, “Arnie Mann” 2016, and “Mother” 2016), scored two teaser trailers (“Minah” 2018, “A Man Full Of Trouble” 2017), debuted two original ensemble pieces (“The Factory” 2009 and “Facing Unforeseeable Fate” 2009), and continues to compose her own music in her own time. Many of her pieces have corresponding literary works, such as poems or sort stories, as well as concept art.


Below are select compositions and if you are interested in listening to more of her work, please visit her SoundCloud. To view Jessica Anastasia’s original composition discography, please click here.


As a creative writer, Jessica Anastasia currently has two published has two published works through her university’s literary magazine, Shoofly: “Of A Man Whom I Once Knew” (2013) and “But You Have To” (2012), and continues to work on short fiction projects and a psychological thriller titled “Hillcrest Manor,” which has its own accompanying music and concept art.


Additionally, through her education and internships, she is experienced in content writing, digital marketing, social media management, public relations, and copy editing.


As an artist, Jessica Anastasia enjoys graphite sketching, photo editing, and photography. As a professional, she has designed marketing material such as programs, brochures, and flyers.

Music & Artwork

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