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Jessica Anastasia

Composer, Writer, & Artist

About Jessica Anastasia

Jessica Anastasia is a Pennsylvania-based composer of programmatic, cinematic, and atmospheric instrumental music; a creative writer of fiction and poetry; and graphite, acrylic, and digital artist.

Additionally, she has experience in content writing, digital media marketing, social media management, public relations, and photography.

She is also a feminist, an LGBTQIA+ and Black Lives Matter ally, a mental health advocate, and an international adoptee.

If you are interested in commissions or have a question, please use the
Contact Form below. She will reply to it at her earliest convenience and greatly looks forward to working on collaborations or commissions. Any are encouraged to reach out to her through social media, as well.

Creative Efforts

To learn more about Jessica Anastasia's creative efforts, please click Here.

On that page, you will be able to listen to her Spotify playlist and Soundcloud music samples and view artwork.

Most literature is not viewable here, as several works are not copyrighted.

Social Media Advocacy

Please click Here to view Jessica Anastasia's Instagram Feed.
Other advocacy efforts are also done through Facebook.

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Website Background Composition:

"Fragile" 2020 Remake

Marble Background on Home Page: on Freepik

 Email below for commission requests & more: 

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